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Asli Johnston

Tolkien Society
US Time Zone Lead & High Steward ( Online )
Asli (she/her) is a Chief Officer aboard the merchant ships.
For those familiar with how a cargo ship's command line works ; a Chief Officer is first in command after the Captain, in charge of anything you can imagine excluding the Captain. For the ones not familiar; she is Riker to your Picard.
As being a mariner, and coming from a family of all marine/navy officers, one could say she is a born and raised Numenorean, and is known as " Lady of Andúnië ".
She has been a Tolkien reader since her teens, now lives in a house that has rooms named after places in Middle Earth, and owns a car named Strider.
She has been following Tolkien Society from a far, in 2021 she decided that  long due membership had to turn into action, and she is now the US Time Zone Lead, giving the Americas a nudge out of the door (,
Thursday, September 2

9:00pm BST

10:15pm BST

10:30pm BST

11:30pm BST

Friday, September 3

12:30am BST

2:00am BST

11:15am BST

12:45pm BST

2:45pm BST

3:45pm BST

5:00pm BST

6:00pm BST

9:00pm BST

10:00pm BST

11:00pm BST

11:30pm BST

Saturday, September 4

12:00am BST

12:30am BST

1:00am BST

1:45pm BST

4:30pm BST

5:00pm BST

6:15pm BST

7:15pm BST

8:30pm BST

Sunday, September 5

1:15pm BST

2:00pm BST

2:30pm BST

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