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Laura Blanchard

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I've read the major canon, struggled through about 3/4 of the History of Middle Earth, and saw the Rankin/Bass, Bakshi, and Jackson films. I've also read (and sadly mostly forgotten) some non-legendarium works including The Fall of Arthur and Beowulf -- as well as the more usual Leaf By Niggle, Farmer Giles of Ham, Smith of Wooten Major, Roverandom, etc. I first read LOTR in 1966. I am an enthusiast but nowhere nearly as steeped in lore as some -- also I'm 74 years old. I belong to our local unofficial smial, the Bagshot Row Irregulars of Philadelphia, and am subscribed to the Prancing Pony Podcasts. I am at peace with the forthcoming Amazon series.

I retired in 2020 after 25 wonderful years as managing director of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries.
Thursday, September 2

10:15pm BST

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Friday, September 3

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Saturday, September 4

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Sunday, September 5

12:00am BST

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